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YFN Lucci’s Car Hit With Multiple Bullets

Rap newcomer YFN Lucci dodged bullets last week – literally. New reports claim one of his G-Wagon cars took serious damage from shooting.

 YFN Lucci’s Mercedes SUV was shot up Friday night, and when police arrived to the scene, they found a man suffering from two gunshot wounds. Police confirmed the victim was not Lucci, and the rapper isn’t listed on the police report.

Although Lucci dodged this incident, his car, which is actually registered under his mother’s name, got damaged during the shooting. The victim suffered gunshot wounds to his arm and is expected to be ok. 

Video obtained by TMZ shows exactly where the bullets hit Lucci’s car. As of right now, it’s unclear if he was the intended target and if police have a leads on the person behind the crime. We will continue to keep you updated when more details have been shared.

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