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Soulja Boy Arrested for Allegedly Violating Probation

Soulja Boy arrested for violating probation in a weapons case after cops say they found ammo in his home.

The news site reports that the rapper was detained Thursday afternoon during his court appearance in L.A. The judge said Soulja had failed to do his court-ordered community service and even conspired to falsify evidence that he had completed it.

His probation violation stemmed from a raid at his San Fernando Valley home back in February. Police went to his house to investigate a claim by one of his ex-girlfriends that Soulja had tied her up and held her captive in his garage. According to the judge, cops found ammunition during the search which is a major problem since Soulja’s on probation for a weapons case that dates back to 2014.

He’s currently being held without bail and will remain in custody until a hearing scheduled for April 30.

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