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Nipsey Hussle’s Alleged Murderer’s Getaway Driver Still Being Investigated

Multiple reports have surfaced stating that the LAPD is actively investigating the getaway driver who allegedly helped Eric Holder escape from the strip mall after he gunned down rapper Nipsey Hussle.


TMZ reports that new surveillance footage shows Hussle’s suspected killer, Eric Holder, run down the alley after shooting at Nipsey. He is then seen frantically getting in the passenger seat of a car before it speeds away.

The woman was interviewed by LAPD detectives two days after the murder but wasn’t arrested. Law enforcement sources said at the time, “Sometimes you have to give a little to get a lot,” which led to the conclusion they were getting inside information from the driver. However, it’s unclear what kind of information they’re after. There were plenty of witnesses to the shooting.

Police still need to determine if the woman knew the alleged killer was intent on murdering Nipsey. At the time, she insisted she had no idea he was armed or had plans to shoot him.

Complicating things even further, when the car arrived at Marathon Clothing, Holder was driving and the woman was the passenger. He then parked in the strip mall parking lot next to the store. As she waited in the car, Nipsey and Holder had their initial conversation.

Although several reports suggested they got into an argument, there was supposedly no animosity toward the end of their encounter. Nonetheless, the man believed to be Holder returned to the scene where he unloaded at least six shots, striking two other men and killing Nipsey.

The woman, who by this time was in the driver’s seat, was waiting in the alley with the engine running. That’s when they made their getaway.

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