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George Zimmerman Kicked Off Tinder for Fake Profile

George Zimmerman is back in the headlines after it was revealed that he set up a fake profile on Tinder to get dates. Screenshots surfaced online which showed that Zimmerman, 35, was posing as-as a self-employed consultant and a Liberty University graduate named Carter just looking for “carefree fun.” This comes six years after Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges for shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

The profile for “Carter” that Zimmerman created stated: “I love the outdoors, fishing, camping and hiking. I love adventure [but] not into huge crowds. I’m also down for a quiet night with Longhorn [Steakhouse] take out.” 

A Tinder spokesperson commented on kicking Zimmerman off of the site in a statement which read, “At Tinder, we take our users’ safety very seriously and our team has removed this profile from our platform. We utilize a network of industry-leading automated and manual moderation and review tools, systems and processes — and spend millions of dollars annually — to prevent, monitor and remove bad actors who have violated our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use from our app.” 

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