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Wendy Williams Doesn’t Think R. Kelly Should Go To Prison

While R. Kelly offered his first interview since his sexual abuse arrest to CBS ThisMorning‘s Gayle King Wednesday (Mar. 6), Wendy Williams took to her self-titled show Thursday (Mar. 7) to infer that prison won’t rehabilitate the singer.

During Wednesday morning’s episode of her eponymous talk show, Williams shared her thoughts on the interview by first admitting that he is “sick.”

“At this point, R. Kelly’s got nothing to lose,” she said. “He’s a sick man.”

In addition to admitting that he shouldn’t have done this interview,” Williams states, “At this point, R. Kelly’s got nothing to lose. He’s a sick man. I went from finding him hella guilty to guilty and feeling really sorry for him. To guilty and wanting him to get help. His help is not behind bars, I don’t know where his help is. And there needs to be help for the victims, including the victim’s parents. ‘Cause you don’t let your little 14-year-old, 9-year-old, lay up and be around a grown man.

Also, she affirms, “This is not just Robert Kelly. This is a whole stable of people that he had involved. And it’s not just R. Kelly, this is going on around our country, he is just bringing light to something. If this is you, maybe you’ll one day have the guts to say something, so that people get exposed. It’s just terrible.”

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