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R&B Singer Avant Given Less Than Six Months To Live!

R&B singer, Avant, has been given only six months to live. According to close sources to the singer, he has been battling a terminal illness that the singer wants to keep private. Avant contracted the terminal disease about 8 years ago and it has taken a toll on his overall health.

Avant’s public relations representative did release a statement on his behalf concerning the condition of Avant’s health

I would like to thank all my fans for their tremendous support. I have lived my life to the fullest and I have given my life to God and I do not fear what’s in store for me. My doctors have given me about six months to live and during this time, I plan on making my transition as smooth as possible while spending time with family and friends. I’ve made my time here on the Earth a good one and I hope that my music continues to live on. One love.

Avant has released eight studio albums with several going platinum and gold. He will be remembered for his love ballads and duets with R&B singer, Keke Wyatt. His highest selling album was his first album, “My Thoughts” which sold 1.1 million copies in the early 2000s.


  1. This is so sad

  2. God is still in charge of your life. Praying for you. Don’t give up on God cause he want give up on you. God is a miracle worker. Praying he do it for you. Avant, cause you is God child. He still love you. Always in God’s hands.

  3. You are still breathing. Adama Alaji. WRFG Atlanta Thursday night’s.

  4. Veronica I Hatcher

    I’m praying so very hard for you please hang in there and do the best that you can life is what we make it but one day we want have to deal with pain or death anymore

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  6. My go out too R&B Singer Avant Given and he’s entire family during this difficult time but there is God u see all things and know all thing’s,it is my hope and pray that God will send u healing n comfort during whatever you’re battling because God can do the Impossible for n with your fan … MaryAnn Spencer.

  7. Sorry to hear that. Hey keep yo head up high much love

  8. I hope he realizes that God has the final say!
    Will keep him in prayer!

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