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Dallas Bartender Arrested After He Was Seen On Video Assaulting A Young Black Woman

Dallas Police have arrested a man who they say was involved in an argument in a Deep Ellum parking lot. The argument was caught on video by witnesses and shows the man punching a woman at least five times.

Investigators said 24-year-old Austin Shuffield got out of his truck and ask the woman involved to move her car, since it was blocking the parking lot exit.

The woman told police she moved her car into the parking lot and said Shuffield then approached her and started arguing.

The victim told @cbsdfw on the phone tonight that she was on her way to a hospital for what she believes is a ruptured eardrum suffered in the attack.

Dallas police said it all started when the woman stopped after driving the wrong way down a street and that’s when Shuffield, 30, got out of his truck to ask her to move out of his way because she was blocking the parking lot exit.

When he approached her, a dispute followed and witnesses saw and began recording. The video shows Shuffield and the victim in a heated argument and at one point, Shuffield pulls out what appears to be a gun and holds it behind his back.

More words are exchanged before the video shows Shuffield smack the woman’s cell phone out of her hand as she was dialing 911. She reacts by punching him and then the video shows Shuffield respond by reaching back, taking a boxer’s stance and punching her in the jaw.

The video then shows Shuffield hitting her violently four more times in the face and head. The woman eventually protects herself by cradling her head as Shuffield beats her. Shuffield then kicks her cell phone violently on the ground.

Police arrested Shuffield for aggravated assault causing injury, interference with an emergency call and public intoxication.

The owner of the High and Tight Barbershop and Speakeasy, Braxton Martin said Shuffield worked there as a bartender but was fired Thursday afternoon. His bond is set at $2,000, but he remains in jail.



  1. Why has everyone stopped showing the part where he pulls out the gun. When I first saw this story, he walks up to the woman holding a gun. No one is showing that part? Why? I can’t believe he was left out on a $2000 bail.

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