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Comedian​ Jess Hilarious Under Fire For Getting Muslims Kicked Off Plane

Comedian Jess Hilarious, one of the stars of the Fox comedy “Rel” — took to social media on Sunday morning to defend herself against accusations of racism after she posted on social media about being “nervous” because four Muslim men were on her flight.

She followed up with a series of videos (also deleted) where said she felt vindicated about her feelings considering the men were gone.

“I’m never f***ing racist, but I spotted something and I put it out earlier and we just got evacuated from our plane,” she said in one video.

In another deleted post, she wrote, “MAN F**K YALL IM NOT PERFECT!!! And I was scared PERIOD!! Not apologizing anymore BYE.”

On Sunday morning, Jess Hilarious defended herself against accusations of racism, writing on her Instagram Story, “Look yall, I’m not racist and never have I been … We have Muslims in my family however I was totally unaware of the different types of Muslim so yes I admit I’m ignorant to the facts so teach me.”

She added in another post, “I got no one put off the f**kin’ plane … I didn’t even say s**t to anyone ELSE on the f**kin plane about how I felt! Again, I’m sorry to all Muslims … deeply sorry. But I am not a racist loves.”

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