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T.I., Soulja Boy, and Others Call for Gucci Boycott After Blackface Scandal

Celebs are chiming in and asking the black community to boycott Gucci following their blackface design. 

On Thursday, we reported that Gucci was catching major fire for releasing a turtleneck that featured a piece that came over the mouth with a cut out of red lips. The image depicts red that of blackface and has since been removed from their stores, websites and inventory. 

Prada was also involved in a tone-deaf design after they released a purse accessory that featured a monkey with oversized bright red lips.

A $890 “sweater” presumably inspired by Ralph Northam’s yearbook

And while Gucci was quick to remove the “sweater” from their store and apologize publicly for their blackface-esque blunder, some were quick to forgive and forget, while others weren’t having it.

Most notably, self-professed “7-figure a year customer” T.I., who took to Instagram to not only tear Gucci a new a hole, but to announce his plans to boycott the brand entirely, effective immediately.

In a picture captioned “THIS IS THE AGENDA!!!”, he laid out a call to action consisting of the following steps:

1. Stop buying Gucci for the next 3 months.

2. If you own anything Gucci, do not wear it!

3. Share with your network!

Rapper Soulja Boy, whose forehead has spent his recent resurgence rocking a Gucci headband like it’s Deray McKesson’s blue vest, opined on the matter as well

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