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Jeff Bezos Probe Concludes Mistress’ Brother Was Enquirer Source

Private investigators working for Jeff Bezos have concluded that the brother of the Amazon CEO’s mistress leaked the couple’s intimate text messages to the National Enquirer, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press on Monday.

Bezos’s private investigators conclude that Michael Sanchez leaked the intimate photos to the Enquirer. It has also been stated that Sanchez is an avid Trump fan and has relationships with the likes of disgraced characters such as Roger Stone. 

Sanchez has since come forward shooting down the claims from the Bezos probe. On Twitter, Sanchez wrote that the person leading the investigation, Gavin de Becker “spreads fake, unhinged conservative conspiracy theories.” While the attorney for AMI, the parent company of the National Enquirer declined to confirm or deny Sanchez as the source, other publications such as The Daily Beast have reported that Sanchez was behind the leaked messages. 

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