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Rihanna Drops a Major Hint With Her Fenty Sunglasses

Rihanna is known to share a preview of what she has in the works before it’s officially being released and this case is no exception.

Riri was seen twice this week rocking a pair of oversized sunglasses although it was already pretty dark outside.

But the sunglasses in the dark is not what makes this story major, it’s what the sunglasses said that will have Riri fans falling out of their seats.

On the side of the sunglasses, the word “Fenty” was clear as day for fans to start obsessing over the idea of a sunglasses line because let’s face it Riri is taking over every industry.

According to Hypebae, sunglasses are, in fact, an item protected under a Fenty trademark that was filed last year.

Lets also not forget that Riri is already killing the game n the fashion and beauty world as she has a growing collection with PUMA, her popular makeup brand Fenty Beauty, and her Lingerie collection Savage x Fenty.

If these glasses are the next thing on her list, sign me up because I want a pair asap!

Take a look at her pictures in the glasses below and let us know what you think!

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