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#ChicagoNews: Police Officer in Critical Condition From Shooting at Mercy Hospital

A Chicago police officer is in critical condition from a shooting a local hospital on Monday afternoon.

Anthony Guglielmi, chief communications officer for the Chicago Police Department, said on Twitter that an officer was shot and is in critical condition after reports of an active shooter at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center.

 At least one suspect was shot and police were conducting a methodical search of the hospital, Guglielmi tweeted earlier, as authorities warned the public to avoid the area.

A source in the Chicago Fire Department told NBC Chicago the hospital had been partially evacuated.

Erix Horton, who works in Environmental Services at the hospital, spoke to a Tribune reporter while outside smoking a cigarette after being inside the hospital when the shooting occurred.

“I was checking out, getting ready to leave,” said Horton. “One of the nurses ran back here and it was like she was about to collapse and said (a staff member had) been shot. And she’s like, ‘Call the police. We have an active shooter.’ And that¹s when everybody took cover. They got on the PA, letting everybody know.”

Horton said he took cover with others in the break room across from the ER, which has a combination lock, until police entered and escorted everyone out. A Fire Department crew that had just brought in a patient took cover in the room also, Horton said.

While in the break room, they could hear someone firing gunshots in the hallway, eight or nine of them, he said.

“We had to duck,” he said.

“A lot was going through my mind,” he said. “Make it home to see my wife and my kids.”

“Everybody was just worried about the rest of our coworkers making it out safe,” Horton said.

A hospital employee said she was in her office when a notice came over a public address system telling those in the hospital to lock their doors. They were later evacuated and people were put on CTA buses as authorities dealt with the situation.

“I don’t know what happened,” she said as she was ushered onto a bus.

“They told us to run so we did,” one hospital employee said.

Authorities were warning people to stay out of the area. Fire crews were at the scene.

Mercy Hospital is about 26 blocks south of the Chicago Loop.



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