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Trump Has Raised Over $100 Million For Reelection Campaign

President Donald Trump has raked in more than $106 million for his bid for re-election — even though it is over two years away, new Federal Election Commission reports show.

The total, raised since January 2017, includes contributions received through his primary campaign committee as well as two affiliated committees: Trump Victory and Trump Make America Great Again. A portion of the money raised through Trump Victory and Trump Make America Great Again goes to the Republican National Committee.

Just from July through September, the three committees raised more than $18 million and spent over $12 million. They kicked off October with nearly $47 million in cash on hand in Trump’s war chest.

The new reports also show spending over the last quarter that reflects an increasingly aggressive campaign by Team Trump, led by 2020 campaign manager and digital guru Brad Parscale.

With ad buys going through the new vendor, the firm run by Trump’s campaign digital guru, Parscale Strategy, only received a relatively moderate $564,000 from the Trump campaign in the last quarter, compared to $2.9 million total from the first half of 2018.

The Trump campaign’s law firm, Jones Day, which helped set up American Made Media Consultants, also received a sum of $1.3 million from the campaign in the last quarter.

Fortunately for those who feel he is eroding the nation’s moral fibre, his millions will amount to nothing if they lift their voices and vote for change on November 6th.

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