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Mel B’s Ex Accuses Her of Racism, Claims She Hates Black People!

Stephen Belafonte accused Mel B, both 43, of being racist in the latest court documents to be leaked amid their bitter custody battle over their children.

In a statement said to have been obtained by The Blast, Mel B’s ex-husband reportedly claimed the singer was racist as he said she was upset because he had hired an African American nanny.

Belafonte is said to have made further claims he was worried Scary Spice will ‘pass off’ her so-called ‘racist’ agenda onto their daughter Madison, aged seven.

He told the court that in one text message concerning one of Madison’s African American friends, Mel B referred to the child as “a black boy.” He also claims that Mel told him that the boy’s family had “needles and glass pipes” in the house.

Stephen claims that Mel brought her racism against him also. In one exchange Mel;s ex claims that she told him that he needed to get a job and he was “lazy like every other black man.”

Finished the court filing by stating, “I am concerned Petitioner will try and pass her racist agenda off to our daughter (as Petitioner believes she is Armenian).”

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