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Food: Popeyes Is Selling 24-Karat Gold Wings Dipped in Champagne for $5

Popeyes has gold wings to celebrate its 3000 restaurants.

The lavish dish is Popeyes’ way of celebrating its 3,000th restaurant, which opened on 868 C E Grand Street in Elizabeth, New Jersey, in August 2018. That location is one of the four Popeyes restaurants across the country that will be selling the celebratory menu item. The other three are located in New York City (at 75 Lexington Avenue), New Orleans, Louisiana, (at 621 Canal St) and Anaheim, California, (at 1005 North Magnolia Blvd.)

“We wanted to share this celebration with our fans, so our chefs cooked up something extra special for them,” Popeyes president Alex Santoro said in a press release. “It’s a fun way for guests to celebrate this milestone right along with us.”

What’s more? While food prepared with edible 24-karat gold usually comes with a hefty price tag, Popeyes gilded wings are surprisingly affordable. In fact, the 24-Karat Champagne Wings, as they are called, are actually served as part of Popeyes’ Boneless Wing Bash. That value meal includes six boneless wings, a choice of side dish, and a biscuit for $5.

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