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Australian Man Finds Out Daughter Is Not His After Paying $58,000 In Child Support Payments

According to 9 News, Kerry had a one night stand with Julie 20 years ago and found out that she was pregnant. Julie told Kerry that the baby girl was his and for over 18 years, he paid over $58,000 in child support. Kerry started to become skeptical due to Julie having multiple partners around the time they had the one night stand.

He called for a DNA test and the results revealed that his DNA did not match his daughter’s. Now, Kerry wants Julie or the government to repay him for a large amount of money he provided over the years. Kerry also explained that the payments kept him in debt.

“The bills started to pile up and I had to take action because if I didn’t, they would. The first time they froze my account was during a fishing season. I had my passport frozen and told that it wouldn’t be reinstated until I had paid the bill in full.

He also found out that Julie told the court that she and Kerry lived together at the same she was pregnant. But Julie says Kerry had multiple chances to take a DNA test.

“Over the last 18 years Kerry has had the chance to get a DNA test but as myself and Child Support could never get in contact with him, it never happened, and now he is coming out with accusations that are unfounded and untrue,”

The government concluded based on Kerry’s results that Julie is required to pay him back but she’s currently unemployed. Thus she will pay him $49.80 in small increments. Nevertheless, he says he prefers the Child Support Agency to pay him in full.

“I’ve been hassled non-stop by Child Support, but the reason they thought I was the dad wasn’t right,” he said. “They accepted me as the father without any proof.”


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