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Laura Lee APOLOGIZES For Racist Tweet!

YouTuber Laura Lee has issued an apology for her racist tweets.

The insensitive tweets were unearthed from her timeline following a long series of events that started last week, when Jeffree Star, MySpace celebrity turned makeup guru, did a series of videos with fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson. Both of those influencers have a history of controversy surrounding them: Star was been known for making racist comments off- and on-camera, and Dawson used to wear blackface while doing a character known as “Shanaynay.” The beauty community drama has extended past its usual fan base, reaching people like drama-channel host Keemstar.

Soon after Dawson’s video, Gabriel Zamora, who also does YouTube makeup tutorials, posted a picture of himself, Manny Mua, Nikita Dragun and Lee on Twitter, saying “bitch is better, because, without him, we’re doing better.” All four have appeared in Star’s videos over the years but no longer work together. Zamora went on to say that “this person … would constantly say racist things about black people.” Fans online assumed that Zamora was talking about Star and proceeded to comb through the vlogger’s Twitter accounts in search of something. What they found were racist tweets from the quartet, dating back from around six years ago.

All issued their own apologies on Twitter, blaming their young age and saying that they have matured.

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