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Family Sues Candy Company After Son Choked On “Defective” Lollipop

A Pennsylvania family is suing a popular candy company after they claim their son nearly choked to death while sucking on a defective lollipop.

Dum Dums

According to the documents, Mark and Kristina Matthews’ son was eating one of the small ball candies when it;

“slipped and/or came off the stick and lodged in (the child’s) throat, causing (the child’s) airway to close for an extended period of time.”

They say that the particular lollipop was defective which caused this incident.

“It took a heroic effort by Mark Matthews over an extended period of time to dislodge the candy ball from (the child’s) throat and clear his airway,” the documents read.

While the boy was taken to the hospital and given medical treatment, his family is still asking for $30,000 in damages.

They claim that his “near-death experience continues to cause severe emotional and mental distress and anxiety to (the child).”

As of now, the Spangler Candy Company has not released a comment but is said to make a statement by Tuesday. Take a look at the candy below!

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