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Ticket Seller ‘Ticketfly’ is the Victim of a Data Breach

Concert-ticketing service Ticketfly worked Sunday to get its system back online after a data breach leaked users’ personal information and disrupted services at live-music venues.

The stolen information included customers’ names, addresses, emails and phone numbers, said the San Francisco firm’s parent company, Eventbrite.

It hasn’t disclosed other details, but a website that tracks data breaches said the hack affected more than 26 million user accounts.

Troy Hunt, who runs the “Have I Been Pwned?” website, said the hack wasn’t as damaging as other breaches because passwords weren’t stolen.

The breach left nightclubs and other venues from Seattle to Providence, R.I., scrambling for alternatives to selling tickets for upcoming shows.

Eventbrite bought rival Ticketfly for $200 million last year from music service Pandora.

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