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Lil Scrappy Avoids Criminal Charges For Car Accident

Reality star Lil Scrappy won’t be facing prosecution over this weekend’s accident.

Scrappy claims that he has no recollection of the crash, or what happened afterward, but surveillance footage reveals that the rapper swerved off the road into a light pole, totaling the car. Scrappy was leaving King Of Diamonds strip club on Sunday night with his friend when the accident occurred. When police arrived, they claim that Scrappy and Ca$ino was sprawled out on the ground outside the vehicle, and had no idea what had transpired.

TMZ reports that police are now closing the investigation into the crash since there were no drugs or alcohol found in Scrappy’s system. Also, since there were no other cars involved, and there were no witnesses, Scrappy appears to be in the clear. In a worse case scenario, the case can be reopened if Ca$ino were to succumb to his injuries. He was rushed to the ICU, and if he were to pass away while in the hospital, Scrappy could be charged. God willing, both men make a speedy recovery. They are both still in the hospital recovering.

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