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Is T.I. Cheating On Tiny With Actress Asia’h Epperson?

Wow, looks like the couple T.I. and Tiny are at war again as new cheating allegations have emerged for the rapper.

The Grand Hustle rapper was snapped backstage at a recent concert in Indiana with actress Asia’h Epperson. Seems T.I. didn’t know that someone was videoing the whole thing, but the clip has since gone viral and the Atlanta rap legend is under fire over another cheating scandal. TIP was seen in the clip smacking Epperson on her behind as she sat beside him on a sofa.


T.I. was recently linked to a cheating scandal with Instagram model Bernice Burgos who is blamed for nearly ending TIP’s marriage with Tiny. The couple managed to stay together and over the past year they seemed to be working things out, but now their marriage could be on the rocks again, thanks to this video.

T.I posts an anti-marriage quote all over social media and then moments later a video surfaced showing him with another woman!

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