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Is Amber Rose Dating NBA Superstar Kyrie Irving?

The other day, Amber Rose was spotted picking up a mystery man who was trying to be incognito. Amber is seen yelling at paparazzi behind her car as she doesn’t want it to be known who she is picking up.

The man she picked up also did not want to be seen as he pulls his hoodie tightly over his face to hide his features.

He then jumped into the Rolls Royce Rose Amber was in and pulled off.

The point? Many subsequently think that Amber is now dating Kyrie Irving, as the Boston Celtics point guard is currently in L.A. doing promo for his upcoming movie, “Uncle Drew."
It really does look like him.
Maybe this was one of the reasons why he penned a heartfelt apology note to his ex, Kehlani over the weekend, asking fans to stop bothering her and say he was sorry about publicly accusing her of cheating.

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