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IHOP Is Changing Its Name to IHOB

IHOP announced on Twitter on Thursday, June 7, that it will change its name to IHOB on June 11, but not everyone is happy about the name.

People started to wonder if the b stood for breakfast, brunch or bacon, which would make sense.

But some had more amusing suggestions, such as broccoli, burritos, bitcoin and even breakdancing.

There were also numerous votes for bears, beets and Battlestar Galactica — a reference to a popular meme from the American version of “The Office.”

The IHOP social media team was clearly having fun with the speculation — and they came up with some goofy suggestions of their own for people to vote on in a Twitter poll, such as butternut squash (yum!) and barnacles (yuck!)

Is this just a short-term marketing gimmick?

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