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Health: Woman’s Runny Nose Wasn’t Allergies, Her Brain Was Leaking Fluid!

A Nebraska woman suffering from a chronically runny nose for the past two years recently discovered fluid from her brain was leaking out of her nose.


Doctors had dismissed it as allergies whenever Kendra Jackson would bring it up. In March, physician assistant Carla Schneider from Nebraska Medicine in Omaha said it was not allergies at all. It was actually a cerebrospinal fluid leak caused by a hole in her skull. Cerebrospinal fluid acts as a protective layer to the brain. Jackson was losing half a liter of the fluid a day.

According to USA Today, Jackson stated that she normally kept a box of tissue because her nose would continuously run “like a waterfall.” During a news interview, Jackson recounted the daunting condition that led to years of suffering. Like most people, she initially thought it was a cold or allergies. “When it first started out, I just thought it was my allergies or a runny nose — like the beginning of a fresh cold,” Jackson said. “Everywhere I went I always had a box of Puffs, always stuffed in my pocket,” Jackson said. “[It was] like a waterfall, continuously, and then it would run to the back of my throat,” Jackson said. But as time progressed, Jackson’s condition worsened and she began to wonder if it wasn’t a typical illness. “When it didn’t go away, I kept going back and forth to the doctors, and they prescribed every kind of medicine you can think of, and my nose just kept on running,” she said. It has been reported that the clear fluid had a consistency relatively similar to water. Since mucus is often thicker than water, that also raised more questions for Jackson. So, she decided to go the extra mile for more information about her condition.

According to CNN, doctors discovered Jackson was suffered from a condition called cerebrospinal fluid (or CSF), which was the result of a small hole in her skull. Jackson underwent a CT Scan of her sinuses and that’s when doctors discovered the leak. Since the case has made headlines, Jackson’s doctors have spoken publicly about her condition. Dr. Christie Barnes, a rhinologist at Nebraska Medicine and a lead surgeon for Jackson revealed the leak was causing Jackson to lose about a half a liter of fluid on a daily basis. “She would wake up in the morning after sleeping upright in a chair, and the whole front of her shirt was wet with fluid. It was a lot of fluid,” said Dr. Barnes. She revealed “a physician’s assistant astutely recognized right away that this was something different than a runny nose and was consistent with a CSF leak. So we had her collect her fluids and sent it off for evaluation.” Dr. Barnes continued, “CSF is a fluid that actually bathes the brain. Because the skull is a fixed box and the brain is a nice soft organ, it needs to be protected from moving around inside that hard box,” Barnes said. “So it actually provides a cushion for the brain and the spinal cord.”

While its normal for the fluid to be produced on a daily basis, Jackson faced complications because of the tiny hole. In normal cases, the fluid dispells into the bloodstream, but the tiny hole caused Jackson’s fluid to flow differently. According to the publication, Barnes indicated “this part of the skull is “very thin,less than a potato chip. And it’s one of the most common locations for this type of a CSF leak,” Barnes said. Statistics also show Jackson’s condition is relatively rare only affecting approximately “five in 100,000 individuals worldwide every year.” So what causes a rare condition like this? Barnes believes Jackson’s case may be the result of trauma from a previous car accident. “She was rear-ended and had head trauma, so it’s certainly possible,” Barnes said. “It may have caused a bit of a thin area there. Her symptoms actually started a little bit after (the accident), so for her, I think there’s probably a combination of both the trauma and the increased pressure.” It’s been about a week since Jackson underwent the procedure to repair the whole and already, things are getting better. “I don’t have to carry around the tissue anymore, and I’m getting some sleep,” she said, laughing. Best of luck and a speedy recovery to Kendra Jackson.

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