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Georgia Officer Resigns After Dragging 65-Year-Old Woman From Car During Traffic Stop (Video)

The Alpharetta, Ga., police department released a statement on Friday saying that the officer at the center of a police stop where an elderly black woman was dragged from her car, has resigned.

Rose Campbell, a 65 year-old grandmother, was pulled over on May 4th in Alpharetta, an Atlanta suburb in Georgia. Keep in mind that Campbell is an older woman who allegedly suffers from diabetes and other health ailments.  Campbell was driving and she was pulled over for failing to maintain her lane. In speaking with the police, the dash camera showed that she disagreed with the citation as she refused to sign it. An officer is heard asking Campbell to sign a citation or she would have been arrested. It appears that Campbell did not want to get out her car so the officer called for back up. Suddenly, other two other cops arrive on the scene and the situation got way out of hand.

Officer Michael Swerdlove, reportedly asked Campbell to sign the citation but she refused she didn’t agree with the officer. Campbell shared with WSB-TV that she was under the impression that if she signed the ticket, she was admitting guilt. He told me he was giving me a citation for failure to maintain lane.  I said for what?  Everybody does that when a cop gives you a ticket unless you’re wrong, you’re gonna ask why Campbell told WSB-TV. The dash came showed Swerdlove asking Campbell to step out of the vehicle as he was attempting to arrest her for disorderly conduct. Campbell refused as she repeatedly asked to speak with Swerdlove’s supervisor. As backup began to arrive, the video shows Swerdlove open Campbell’s door as he attempted to pull her out. One of the officers that arrived to assist Swerdlove was Officer James Legg. All I felt was his whole body over me and I could feel the weight over me, grabbing at my belt, Campbell revealed. After initially refusing to step out of the car, it appeared that Campbell was willing to get out of her vehicle after another officer assured her that they were not trying to hurt her. As Campbell is exiting the vehicle, Legg is seen yelling expletives at her and speaking to Campbell in an overly aggressive tone. Hey — you’re not in charge, Legg yelled. Shut the f*** up and get out of the car.

Former Officer James Legg, who began his letter by saying, “I quit,” offered his side of the story, insisting that he acted “appropriately” and “reasonably,” but did concede that he should not have used profanity (i.e., cussed an old lady out) in the commission of his duties.

Meanwhile, the Alpharetta PD says it will continue its own internal investigation, in addition to announcing an investigation opened by the GBI.

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