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Dancing Atlanta Doctor Faces Multiple Malpractice Lawsuits

An Atlanta-based plastic surgeon seen on video singing and dancing in the middle of surgery is now facing several malpractice suits, including one from a family that claims the doctor left their mother brain damaged.

HLN obtained video of multiple instances of questionable conduct by Dr. Windell Boutte in the operating room. As she cuts into human flesh, the Atlanta-area dermatologist sings and dances for the camera.

Well, apparently, that’s not what happened when patients were operated on by Dr. Windell Boutte. Instead of taking his job seriously, she decided to have a little fun during procedures. Now, her career is on thin ice following her careless operating room antics.

Even after watchin’ Dr. Boutte’s videos, you’d probably think you were watchin’ a parody. But unfortunately, she’s a real doctor performing real procedures on real patients. One of the videos captured Dr. Boutte cutting into a patient’s abdomen to the beat of O.T. Genesis’ hit song, “Cut It." Another video captured the doctor remixing Migos’ “Bad and Boujee" pokin’ fun at her patients. “My patients are bad and boujee. Building up fat in the booty. My patients are snatched with big booties. We got tummy tucks and BBLs TOO!" So how were these videos made public? Well, that’s where the situation gets worse. Apparently, they were posted to the Atlanta-area board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon’s public YouTube channel. Although Dr. Boutte claims to be the best female cosmetic surgeon in the southeast region of the United States, the disturbing videos have people wonderin’ what’s really really goin’ on. The incriminating videos captured Dr. Boutte clowin’, dancin’, and rappin’ in the operating room during procedures. The videos caught the attention of one patient’s son and now it has sparked a media firestorm.

As expected, the videos have garnered thousands of views, and the YouTube page has sparked heated debates online. Surprisingly, many of her YouTube fans have come to her defense. Social media users have compared Dr. Boutte the Miami cosmetic surgeon who rose to fame due to the popularity of his SnapChat page. However, it was also noted that his patients sign consent forms in reference to his footage prior to undergoing procedures.

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