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Chinese Restaurant Worker Calls a Teen An Ape In Their Language He Claps Back

Now you know as ‘Black People’ we love Chinese food, sometimes we’re not appreciated for our support and financial contributions. Such was the case when this teen recognized one of the workers called him an “ape.”

In an OOLA publication, several people told stories of when they experienced discrimination from someone who spoke another language. However, none of those verbal offenders knew that the individuals they talked about knew the language…until it was already too late.

One case, in particular, a young man recalled a time he entered a local Chinese restaurant. Before he was even in the door, a worker addressed him to other employees. The teen mentions as follows.

“I (African American teenager) went to a Chinese restaurant, and immediately the lady behind the counter looked up, and back at her husband and shouted in Mandarin, ‘One ape in the door! Go serve it.’”

According to the teen, he thought he was hearing things at first. There’s no way the employee had possibly said what he thought she did, right? Well, he figured out he was completely right in his interpretation. “It took me a minute to realize I hadn’t translated that incorrectly,” the young man states. “When the husband asked what I wanted, I responded in Mandarin, ‘This ape doesn’t want to give any money to your establishment,’ and left. I will never forget the look of terror, shock, and stupidity that left on her face.” NOTE: It’s been proven that some Chinese entrepreneurs don’t care about their consumers, especially if they’re Black.

What kind of people would feed you dog?



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