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Cardi B’s Album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ Gets a Co-Sign from Oprah

Cardi B can’t get over the fact that Oprah is listening to her music.

Oprah posted a portrait on O, The Oprah Magazine’s Instagram page with a caption that read “Listening to that new Cardi B album 🎶🎶🎶.” There’s no need for cross-inspection, you can now picture Oprah leisurely jammin’ to trap beats, maybe even getting in on the lyrics. As soon as Cardi B caught wind of the post she dove into the comment section expressing her glee, then she screen capped it and reposted it on her Insta page for her fans to see. The two fan bases are at a point of becoming one merging alliance.

It’s impossible to know for sure if Oprah’s really listening to Cardi’s album (or if it’s just the O magazine social media editor having a little fun), but the idea certainly got Cardi excited.

Cardi quickly reposted the message and you could almost hear the excitement from reading the caption. “I CAAAANNNNTTTTTT BELIIIEEEEEVEEEEESS IT!!!!!!!!!!OMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG,” she wrote. Cardi then shared the post with her fans on Twitter, clearly overjoyed.

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