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Princess Love Tells Brandy To “STFU” After Showing Fake Love on Instagram!

Ray J’s wife Princess Love wants Brandy to “STFU” with all that FAKE love!

From what I’ve been told, Brandy and her mama Sonja Norwood argued with Princess and Ray J right before their baby shower, ultimately deciding to skip it when the couple didn’t back down. Now Brandy posted up a “congratulations” message to debunk those stories going around that she’s been stubborn to support her brother’s baby over a petty argument…Princess wasn’t having it!

However, Princess Love wasn’t feeling Brandy’s fake attempt to cover up their family drama and proceeded to put Brandy on blast in her own comments. Brandy has since deleted the post from her page. But it’s more than clear that things are not going well in the Norwood household.

It’s reported that Brandy and Sonja both attended Ray J’s gender reveal party last Friday. However, they both opted to skip the baby shower held on Saturday after they got into a war of words with Princess over old cryptic tweets she sent out a few months back about cheating and not staying in a relationship just because you’re pregnant.

During the early stages of her pregnancy, Princess posted some shady messages about her husband that appeared to accuse him of cheating on his pregnant wife. Fast forward to today, and Brandy and Sonja had a bone to pick with Princess about the old social media shade. Sources at the party say Brandy and Sonja demanded Princess apologize to her husband for slandering him to the public. But Princess allegedly told them to mind their business and not comment on her relationship unless they could keep their own together.

It now appears that things have only heated up, and Princess is at war with her husband’s mother and sister!

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