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Police Arrest Mom After Facebook Video Shows Baby Smoking Pot

Raleigh police officers said they arrested a North Carolina mother of a baby seen apparently smoking in a Facebook video.

Authorities were alerted Wednesday by concerned social media users after two videos of the girl smoking sparked outrage. One of the videos showed the hand of an adult off-screen holding the blunt to the girl’s lips. The child makes a cooing sound, appears to inhale and lets out a puff of smoke before turning toward the adult with an expressionless look.

The newly released warrant said the mother inflicted harm by having the child inhale marijuana smoke from a blunt more than once over a two-month period starting last December. The girl has been placed with county child protective services.

The mother, 20-year-old Brianna Ashanti Lofton, was held on charges of child abuse, marijuana possession and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

During a brief court hearing Thursday, a Wake County judge set Lofton’s bond at $100,000 and ordered her to have no contact with her daughter.

A prosecutor had asked for a higher bond, noting Lofton recently faced separate charges including marijuana possession and simple assault.

Public defender Caroline Elliot noted those were misdemeanors.

“This is the first … kind of this charge that she has ever looked at,” Elliot told the judge, referring to the felony child abuse accusation.

Elliot noted her client lives with her mother and grandmother and is working on her high school equivalency diploma.

“She does have family support,” she told the judge.

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