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Hold Up: Did OJ Simpson Just Confess to Murder of Nicole Brown?? (Video)

In a clip obtained by TMZ, OJ Simpson discusses what hypothetically happened on the night that Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were murdered, claiming that the killer’s friend Charlie had told him about some things going on over at Nicole’s home.

He then begins to speak in first person when talking about the killer, saying: ‘And I remember thinking whatever is going on over there has got to stop.’

The clip then cuts out, with the rest airing on Sunday during OJ: The Lost Confession in a match-up with former Fox juggernaut American Idol, which is making its debut on ABC in the same time slot.

Sources close to the program say the interview went as such,

OJ apparently talked in the third person as he described how the murders might have been committed, but at some point in the interview he lapsed into first person, as if he was talking in a first-person account of the murders and, although it’s not a clear confession, it’s in that area.

OJ also talks about an accomplice who was with him at Nicole’s home. He mentions ‘Charlie’ who was the so-called murderers friend. Apparently,  “Charlie” told him he wouldn’t believe what was going on at Nicole’s house. Simpson doesn’t say what he was told was going down, but added, “It’s gotta stop” … and that was the motive for the drive over to Nicole’s.

Simpson’s scenario goes like this, he went to her house the evening of June 12, 1994, to “scare the s*** out of her.” He took the Bronco to her home with his friend, brought a knife and put a hat and gloves on for dramatic effect.

In addition, the trailer also shows OJ sitting and addressing the camera, saying:

“I’m going to tell you a story you’ve never heard before. It takes place the night of June 12 1994 and it concerns the murders of my ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her young friend Ronald Goldman.”

He continued: “Forget everything you think you know about that night, because I know the facts better than anyone. This is one story the whole world got wrong.”

Some think the footage could amount to a confession from OJ for the 1994 murders. The special airs Sunday at 8 PM on FOX.

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