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HEALTH: Bigen Hair Dye that Can Harm a Woman’s Fertility and Unborn Babies Is Banned

A hair dye that can harm a woman’s fertility and endanger her unborn child has been banned in Britain.

Yesterday Tesco pulled the product from its UK stores following a Europe-wide alert. Sainsbury’s said it was also removing the dye from a sale.

But trading standards officials could not confirm how long the dye has been sold in Britain.

The removal order followed the discovery of a banned chemical in three hair-care products: Bigen, Blasol, and JR Beauty.

The ban came from the EU’s Rapid Alert System, Rapex, which warned: ‘The list of ingredients indicates that the hair-dye contains sodium perborate. Sodium perborate is toxic if inhaled… [and] may damage fertility or the unborn child.’

Professor Allan Pacey, former chairman of the British Fertility Society, said last night: ‘If women are concerned about using the recalled products they should seek medical advice.’

A spokesman for the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, which is responsible for recalls, said: ‘Sodium perborate is a prohibited substance under the cosmetic products safety regulations because it can cause harm to fertility and unborn children.

‘As with any recall consumers and retailers should follow the instructions and in this case, they should return the product and ask for a refund.’

A Tesco spokesman: ‘Customer safety is always our top priority, so we have taken the precautionary measure of issuing a product recall for the Bigen hair dye range.’

‘A Sainsbury’s spokesman added: ‘We are taking the Bigen product off the shelves.’



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