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Arizona Man Killed Ex-Girlfriend, Set Her Body On Fire Cause He Didn’t want to Take Paternity Test!

All it took was a piece of paper and some gasoline sprinkled on the Arizona woman’s body, police said.

Then Antwaun Travon Ware, 20, lit a cigarette and set fire to the beaten body of his ex-girlfriend Jasmine Dunbar, 21, on Tuesday night, police said. “He watched as Jasmine burned," according to a Phoenix police report obtained by KTVK. Ware told police Dunbar was already dead when he lit the fire.


Ware and Dunbar had planned to meet up that evening so Ware could take a paternity test, Dunbar’s godmother told police. But “Jasmine was never seen or heard from again," the police report said. Calls to her phone after her disappearance went straight to voicemail.

That’s because Ware had gotten into a physical fight with Dunbar after he picked up the ex-girlfriend and her child around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, as Ware ultimately confessed to police. Ware punched Dunbar “a number of times with his fist," according to the police report. Ware then left Dunbar’s body in a field, still alive, he told police.

But at that point Ware still had Dunbar’s infant daughter in the back seat of his car, Ware told police. Eventually Ware said he “panicked" and dropped the child off on the side of the road “because he saw people nearby and believed they would find her and take care of her," according to the police report.

Later, Ware went back and set the woman’s dead body on fire, police said. Ware was arrested Wednesday on charges of first-degree murder, abandoning a body, child abuse and more, according to the police report.

Police said that they are still waiting for official confirmation that the body belongs to Dunbar, the TV station reports. The remains have tentatively been identified as her.

Dunbar was reported missing on Tuesday after her infant daughter was found alone on the side of the road in her car seat around 10 p.m., court records said. Near the 7-month old were a diaper bag, backpack, an adult shoe and a wallet with Dunbar’s identification inside, the Arizona Republic reports.

A Phoenix police helicopter spotted the woman’s body less than a day after she was reported missing, at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The remains were significantly burned, the police report said.

Police said that a signal from Ware’s phone also put him at the location where the burned body was recovered, according to the police report.


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