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White Supremacy Group Claims Florida Shooting Suspect Nikolas Cruz as a Member

The leader of a white supremacist group said on Thursday (Feb 15) that the suspected gunman in one of the deadliest school shootings in modern US history was a member of his group and had participated in paramilitary drills.

The country watched in horror yesterday as Florida suspect, Nikolas Cruz (19), turned Valentine’s Day into a day of pure hatred from hell. News outlets across the country streamed live, the hundreds of children who were fearfully being evacuated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, after Cruz gunned down and murdered 17 students and staff.

Scenes of terrified parents frantically waiting outside the school for any sign that their child was not a victim, flooded our social media streams and TV screens. Cruz was eventually shown being placed into a police vehicle. Today, many more details have surfaced about the 19 year old cold blooded murderer. One vital piece of info that has just come to light, is that Nikolas Cruz is a member of a White supremacist organization, according to the group’s leader. Associated Press has just revealed this information about Cruz’s connection to the racist hate group, which may have some type of link to his massacre at the high school:

Via WHDHNewsBoston: (AP) — The leader of a white nationalist militia says Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was a member of his group and participated in paramilitary drills in Tallahassee. Jordan Jereb told The Associated Press on Thursday that his group wants Florida to become its own white ethno-state. He said his group holds “spontaneous random demonstrations” and tries not to participate in the modern world. Jereb said he didn’t know Cruz personally and that “he acted on his own behalf of what he just did and he’s solely responsible for what he just did.” He also said he had “trouble with a girl” and he believed the timing of the attack, carried out on Valentine’s Day, wasn’t a coincidence.

Cruz has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder.
In case y’all haven’t heard, Nikolas Cruz was actually reported to the FBI and Youtube nearly 5 months prior to his deadly massacre plot. After posting comments underneath on a 36 year old Youtube vlogger’s video post, that he had plans on killing many people at his high school, the vlogger alerted the FBI and Youtube, yet nothing was done.

The FBI stated that there was not enough info to go off of to actually find out who Nikolas Cruz was, although he posted the comments on Youtube using his real name.


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