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Richard Pryor’s Widow Confirms That He Slept With Marlon Brando

Richard Pryor’s widow has confirmed that the late comedian slept with Marlon Brando, after record producer Quincy Jones let slip about their fling in an extraordinary interview.

The shocking allegation sent many into a frenzy as the allegations included iconic legends in the entertainment industry. However, Pryor’s widow, Jennifer Pryor admitted that the allegations are true and Pryor was very open about his bisexuality among friends.

She says the “Car Wash” actor would go into detail about his sexual explorations in his diary, which she plans to publish later this year. Jennifer also added that she thinks Pryor would have a good laugh if he saw Jones reveal his private dealings.

Richard Pryor has been considered one of the most influential stand-up comics of all time. Many successful comics credit Pryor as their influence. He had seven wives from seven different marriages and had seven children. Including actresses Pam Grier and Margot Kidder.

Marlon Brando has been considered one of Hollywood’s all-time greatest actors since the “Godfather” came out in the late 70s. Brando was married three times and has 11 children. However, unlike Pryor, Brando wasn’t shy about admitting his bisexuality. In a 1976 interview, he stated,

“Homosexuality is so much in fashion, it no longer makes news.” He added, “Like a large number of men, I, too, have had homosexual experiences, and I am not ashamed. I have never paid much attention to what people think about me. But if there is someone who is convinced that Jack Nicholson and I are lovers, may they continue to do so. I find it amusing.”

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