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OJ Simpson Lands a Movie Role, Nicole Brown & Ron Goldman’s Families Are Pissed

Actor-prankster Sacha Baron Cohen paid O.J. Simpson more than $20,000 to appear in his next movie.


This will be O.J.’s first major gig since being released from prison last year.

It’s reported that Simpson will receive $20,000 for the role. However, the families of O.J.’s alleged murder victims are coming for the money The Juice still owes after being found liable for their 1994 murders. The 70-year-old was acquitted of the murders in 1995 but was later found liable for their deaths and ordered to pay their families over $30 million.

The collection lawyer who represents Ron Goldman’s father, Fred Goldman spoke on the “legal and moral” obligation of the payments.

“Paying money, cash no less, in secret to O.J. Simpson is 100 percent unadulterated sleaze…This is nuts. O.J. is eternally beyond redemption or forgiveness, but putting money in the hands of another is penance by other means. If [Cohen’s] movie is O.J.’s pot of gold, send us the check.” the lawyer told Fox News.

Brown’s sister Tanya Brown told the Daily Mail,

“Nicole and Ron are two human beings who were brutally murdered. This is not a joke, nor is it entertainment.”

Though Simpson was acquitted of the 1994 murders of his ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldman, a civil court jury found him liable and ordered him to pay the Goldman’s $33.5 million. That total has more than doubled over the past two decades.

We recently reported on how tired Simpson is of Fred Goldman dragging him to court every time he thinks O.J. is making money. Court documents mention how Goldman tried to take the disgraced NFL star to court over rumored business deals and not actual ones.

Simpson’s legal team say that the juice “wishes to readjust to civilian life and family life”. However, Goldman and his attorney “are intent on shattering that.”

The “Naked Gun” actor claims that Goldman

“use unconfirmed stories from news outlets” and “drag” him into court “every time there is a mere vague allegation involving Mr. Simpson’s commercial exploitation of himself.”

Looks like the family of Ron Goldman won’t be letting OJ off the hook anytime soon.

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