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Floyd Mayweather Sr. Arrested on Misdemeanor Battery Count

Floyd Mayweather’s father was recently involved in a fight of his own, but he’s definitely not going to be receiving any money for it. In fact, he may receive something far less attractive once the police catch up with him. According to The Blast, the champion boxer’s father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., is facing the possibility of serious legal trouble for a physical altercation that occurred at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas back in September of 2017.

Floyd SR yelled at her to get out of the car and proceeded to grab her leg and drag her out of the vehicle and then punched her thigh area of her leg,” the warrant said.

The woman and her husband had attended the fight with Mayweather Sr. and his girlfriend, the Metropolitan Police Department wrote in his arrest warrant. After the fight, Mayweather Sr. and the woman got into an argument while walking back to his vehicle.

Mayweather Sr. was going to drive them home, police were told, but the husband said the woman was “verbally antagonizing” the elder Mayweather as she got into the back of the car.

Police said Mayweather Sr. pulled her from the car and battered her. He then drove off, leaving the woman and her husband in a parking lot.

The woman suffered a small scratch on her left forearm, a large scratch “that ran all the way up her back” and a bruise on her left thigh, police wrote in the warrant. She was treated at Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center.

Mayweather Sr. on Thursday pleaded not guilty to a charge of misdemeanor battery.

A warrant for his arrest was issued Jan. 16. Mayweather Sr. was in Clark County Detention Center Wednesday, but has since posted bond.

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