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Amazon Pulls Racist ‘Slavery Gets S**t Done’ Products From Website

According to our source, Amazon has been forced to apologize this week for selling a horrendous line of products from a third-party retailer that bear the phrase, “Slavery Gets Sh*t Done.”

The products included laptop cases, mugs, bags, children’s T-shirts and bibs, according to reports.

Human rights organization Anti-Slavery International described the items as “absolutely shocking” and urged Amazon to “do better to control what you sell.” Some customers also called for a boycott of the website.

Amazon’s decision to move the products from its website comes two weeks after H&M removed a product featuring the slogan “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle,” modeled by a black child.

It should be stressed that Amazon didn’t actually make these offensive products itself, and once they were brought to its attention, they were immediately removed from its site. At the same time, though, how was this garbage allowed on the site in the first place?

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