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Woman Falsely Accused of Fraud After Purchasing Louis Vuitton at Saks Fifth Avenue

A Michigan woman says she’s was belittled and embarrassed while purchasing items from Saks Fifth Avenue for the holidays.

Dana Hale spoke with WXYZ Detroit and recalled being accused of fraud by law enforcement because she bought $6,731 worth of Louis Vuitton bags, a belt, a keychain and other Christmas gifts. Hale said she placed half of the items on her business credit card and paid for the rest in cash.

The business owner, who runs a nurses training center in East Point, had charged part of the purchase on her business credit card while paying for the balance in cash. While she continued to shop, the clerk told her that she could leave her purchased items behind the counter. But Hale and her 24-year-old daughter were soon interrupted by a police officer who claimed that the credit card company declined the sale. Hale’s daughter started filming what happened next as she refuted the officer’s claims.

Hale told WXYZ News that the Troy police officer approached them, announced himself, and said he needed to talk to them. On the video, the officer could be heard saying that because the way that Hale signed her name didn’t match how it was written on the card, “Then this is possibly credit card fraud.” Then Hale corrected him saying that there was no decline because the card “went through.” Hale said there is only one reason why the police were called.

“They profiled me because I was in sweats, because I was black they felt they could just treat people any kind of way.”

Hale has shopped at Saks for many years without incident until now. This experience, she said, was embarrassing, belittling, and left her feeling harassed. She questioned why the clerk felt the need to even call the police in the first place.

“And it was intimidation that you called police?” she said.

After a discussion that took place in front of other shoppers, Hale provided the officer with her receipt and was able to leave the store with her already purchased items. She told the news outlet that she was contacted by a representative from Saks Fifth Avenue who offered a full refund and told her that she could keep all of the items free of charge. But Hale found their behavior inexcusable and refused to accept their apology. She has since reached out to an attorney to best decide how to resolve the matter.

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