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Woman Charged With Beating Her Son During Entire Flight to Salt Lake City

A federal complaint accuses a Colorado woman of assaulting her son during a flight from Boston to Salt Lake City.

According to Fox 13 Salt Lake City, a 46-year-old Lakewood, Colorado woman — Cherice Dawn Klipfel — now faces a federal assault charge for physical harm against her 8-year-old son during JetBlue flight 647, on December 10.

The source says a complaint filed in the United States District Court Utah Division. Court documents state, “Each violent episode would be followed by a loving period where Klipfel would calm down and they would sit without a problem.” Reportedly, flight passengers told authorities they saw a dozen incidences where Klipfel slapped, hit, and kicked her son — even “aggressively” shoved him against the window, according to the criminal complaint. Witnesses mentioned the boy pleading with her to stop during the flight. They claimed he was crying the entire time. Fox 13 reports as follows.

One witness was ‘adamant’ that Klipfel’s actions were ‘absolutely not parenting but abuse and assault.’ The witness said the woman used her boot to shove the boy against the window and grabbed him by the neck and shoved him against the wall or window, according to the complaint.”

The source says a witness got up to tell a flight attendant about what was happening with Klipfel and the child. Yet, simultaneously, other passengers saw the woman put a coat tightly over the boy’s head and aggressively shake him using the coat.
After FBI investigators finished conducting their analysis, they determined Klipfel wasn’t disciplining her child at all. She was committing criminal abuse against a child.

The source notes Klipfel appeared in court Monday. She received a misdemeanor assault charge, pending a detention hearing.


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