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SAD NEWs: ‘Fargo’ actor Steve Reevis dead at 55

Actor Steve Reevis, known for his roles in “Fargo” and “Last of the Dogmen,” has died. He was 55.

Reevis is reported to have passed away on Thursday at a hospital in Missoula, Montana. The cause of death has not been immediately released.

The actor, who was a member of northwestern Montana’s Blackfeet Native American Tribe was best known for his appearances in “Dances With Wolves,” “Geronimo,” and the 2005 release of “The Longest Yard.”

In “Fargo,” Reevis played the role of Shep Proudfoot, and in “Last of the Dogmen,” he was featured as Yellow Wolf.

He also appeared on television shows, such as “Walker, Texas Ranger,” “Jag,” and “Bones.”

The actor left behind his wife, Macile, and four children.

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