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Missouri Man Killed Toddler Because She Wouldn’t Put on Her Pajamas

A Missouri man beat a 3-year-old to death because she refused to put on her pajamas, police said.

On November 27th, 22 year-old Jalen Vaden allegedly threw his girlfriend’s daughter, Jayda Kyle, to the ground “causing her to strike her head”. According to police, Vaden was the boyfriend of Kyle’s mom.


Here’s What We Know: Missouri man Jalen Vaden has been arrested and is currently being charged with second-degree murder. Currently, Vaden is being held with no bond. Vaden is being accused of murdering his girlfriend’s daughter, 3 year-old Jayda Kyle. Vaden was dating Kyle’s mother and they lived together. On November 27th, according to Inside Edition, Vaden reportedly threw his girlfriend’s daughter to the ground because she refused to put on her pajamas. Vaden informed police officers that he initially threw little Jayda to the ground thus causing her to hit her head. Sadly, the violence didn’t end there.  He then allegedly threw her on a bed, and then took the toddler by the leg and tossed her “face first” onto the floor. Vaden told police he then left the room and later returned to find the girl bleeding and unresponsive.

When police officers arrived to the home, they found Kyle unresponsive. In an effort to revive her, little Jayda was rushed to the hospital and her family was praying that she would be ok. Jayda Kyle was transported to Mercy Hospital in Kansas City where doctors diagnosed her with “abusive head trauma.” Tragically, she died four days later on December 1st. It’s unclear if Jayda’s mother, Devyn Kyle, was home at the time. However, Devyn Kyle, has not been charged and police officers have cleared her of any wrongdoing. However, her boyfriend has not been cleared as Vaden has been charged with abuse or neglect of a child resulting in death and second degree murder in the death of Jayda Kyle.

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