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Al B. Sure Got Laughed At Over His Surprising Hairdo, But Stuns Fans With A New One!

R&B legend Al B. Sure shared a new hairstyle. Most of y’all were hella shocked by his new ‘do and expressed your disdain for the brotha’s choice of non-clippers usage. In case any of you missed Al B.’s previous ‘do that had many talking, he decided to grow the top of his hair past his shoulders, while keeping the sides of it faded. When he wore the top portion of his crown down, it simply looked like he was gettin’ his ‘Rico Suave’ on, with his curly tresses blowing in the wind…

As soon as his photos began to spread across social media like wildfire, it didn’t take long for people to give their opinions about it. Some gave him compliments, the majority gave him a collective ‘Aww HELL naw Al B.!”

Fast forward to a few days later, and Al B. Sure has apparently heard y’all loud and clear. It took many months for Al B. to grow his hair out into a style that looks exactly like his son, Quincy’s, hair (which looks a lot more age appropriate on Quincy though, just sayin’). However, it only took a few days worth of honest comments from fans, for Al B. to throw those months of hard work and dedication to his hair, down the drain with the quickness.

Al. B. Sure’s New Haircut

The “Off On Your Own” crooner recently took to Instagram to show off a photo of his new hairstyle, which is like “Nite and Day” in comparison to his prior one. In the photo, he was seated in his barber’s chair after getting a fresh FADE! Check it our below…

See what a lil’ constructive criticism will do?

FYI: Al B. has now taken down the photos of his previous hair post, after so many folks dogged him about it. I think he should’ve left them up, at least that way he’ll be able to show his process from then to now. But I guess sometimes when it’s too hot in the kitchen, you gotta see your way up outta there…I get it.



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