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64-Yr-Old Grandma Gets 12 Years In Prison For Trafficking Cocaine

According to Detroit News, 64-year-old Cheryl Cheatham of Phoenix, Arizona was just sentenced to 12 years by U.S. District Judge Stephen Murphy, just 14 months after she initially made international headlines.


Pssh. Cheryl Cheatham happened. The source says she flew into Detroit with 17 kilograms of cocaine in her luggage. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) investigation publicly began in October 2016. That’s when Cheatham was arrested in Detroit, after taking a late flight from Las Vegas.

After arriving to the D, Cheatham retrieved two large suitcases from the Delta baggage claim and called a taxi. She was headed for a Westin hotel in Southfield, according to the source. Apparently, agents followed her to the hotel, and she stayed only a short time before she was hauling the suitcases elsewhere by way of hotel shuttle. However, during her transit, investigators stopped the shuttle on Southfield Road.


According to the source, agents believed Cheatham was headed for Mansfield Street, a few blocks from a trio of stash houses allegedly belonging to Darryl Terrell, a Detroit kingpin. The Detroit News reports as follows.

“After a trooper stopped the Lincoln Navigator, Michigan State Police K-9 Officer Otto took a whiff of the SUV and indicated drugs were inside the vehicle. A trooper checked Cheatham’s luggage. Investigators found two bundles containing a total of 17 kilograms of cocaine worth $595,000.” Here’s where things got even more interesting. After Cheatham’s arrest, she asked to make her phone call…to her “daughter.” However, once agents checked the number in her phone, the contact name read “Lover Boy.” So, instantly, they were intrigued. After a “LOTTLE” investigating, they found out “Lover Boy” was actually Terrell’s son, Jerome Terrell, 27. As it turns out, Cheatham was a key cocaine trafficker for Darryl Terrell, a kingpin who “applied a sophisticated business acumen to build a drug empire in Detroit that imported cocaine from Arizona and generated millions in profits,” as notes Detroit News.

Cheatham shows that you can’t put anything passed anyone, regardless of age. OG Trappin… All in all, let us know your thoughts about the elderly woman’s situation. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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