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Sofia Richie Covers ‘DuJour’ Magazine

Sofia Richie is on the November 2017 issue of DuJour magazine.

Check out what the 19-year-old model shared with the mag her spread below:

On how her life is different from her peers: “The kids that I grew up with in elementary school they all just went off to college this year. They literally look at me like I’m an alien, they’re like, you are so weird and so not normal. Where did you go left and we went straight? I have no idea.”

On wanting to design her own fashion line: “It’s one thing to be like, oh, you can be the face of this but it’s another to be like we want your opinion and we want you to do it. That’s the only collaboration I like to do, is when I have control over it. My whole point in starting modeling was to be around the designers and kind of study off of them. Then it picked up and it worked out! I’ve been taking notes along the way.”

On her father Lionel Richie: “My dad, he thinks so out of the box. He’s so weird and he can take my mind places that I probably wouldn’t go to and he opens me up to so many different thoughts. He’s my creative go to. Music has always been a big part of my life. Right now I would say no just because I’m so focused and determined on my fashion but I’m not saying I’m shutting that down forever. It’s always circling and cycling around me and I don’t know what could happen in the future.”

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