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Shemar Moore Checks Haters Over Phaedra Parks, Gay Rumors & White Women (Video)

Former Soul Train host, Shemar Moore, had some things to get off his chest in a online video message, where he put a whole lotta folk in check.

On Dating Phaedra: ‘Phaedra Who?’

After recent kissy-face photos and a flirty interview on Watch What Happens Live aired with Shemar and Phaedra getting “closer than close” like Teddy P., everybody assumed they are now dating.

Shemar addressed the dating rumors. In his new video rant though, he started off by saying his message is for “everybody else out there talking sh*t about me, here we go…” Then he jumped right into the illusions that Phaedra gave on IG, and also the illusion they both displayed on WWHL. Basically, it was just that- an illusion- at least according to Shemar:

“Phaedra Parks, met her one time at the talk show a year ago. Flirted with, her drank with her, kissed on her at the talk show…ain’t dating somebody I don’t know…don’t watch reality TV.”

On The Gay Rumors

It’s no secret that for years now, people have questioned the brotha’s sexuality, due the lack of a woman on his arm. The thing that many failed to realize is that he has in fact, been spotted with many women throughout the years. Take for example, his celebrity exes, Toni Braxton and Halle Berry…

People refuse to believe the man is straight, as he’s adamantly proclaimed and is doing yet again:

“‘Shemar Moore’s gay, he’s bi, he’s in the closet, he likes lil boys’…No, I love women.”

On ‘Only’ Dating White Women

Shemar is biracial -African American and Caucasian- however, he oftentimes gets called out by some who think he only dates White women. And as you can imagine, he had something to say about that too:

“‘He don’t like Black women’…No, I love ALL women. ‘He likes skinny White girls’…No I like all women, all different shapes and sizes and colors.”


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