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Ray Allen Got Caught Up in a Catfishing Scheme Involving a Man

According to TMZ, Bryant Coleman, the man alleging the relationship, denies allegations that he cat-fished Ray Allen by pretending to be a woman to get his private information.

Allen was duped by a man into communicating with several “attractive” women.

It’s all in legal docs obtained by TMZ Sports … the ex-NBA superstar claims he met these “women” in “various online forums” and communicated with them … sometimes sharing “private information.”

Ray claims he eventually figured out he was being catfished and ended the relationships — but the man behind the rouse became obsessed and began posting items on social media about Ray and his family.

So Ray Allen, who is married, was trying to meet other women who turned out not to be women, but instead one man who had the potential to embarrass and harass him.

And now, Allen is claiming that the man behind it is stalking him and has violated a confidentiality agreement, while that man has gone out and got a restraining order against Allen. Ray Allen denies the stalking allegations.

Furthermore, Coleman obtained a restraining order against Allen. However, the nature of the alleged threats by Allen are unclear.

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