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Chris Brown’s New Album ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’

Chris Brown is back!


He dropped his double album, Heartbreak On a Full Moon, on Halloween’s eve. The entire album — 45 songs — is a clingy, whining hip-hop breakup album.

Your auntie took the time to listen to the entire album, thanks to a full download link, courtesy of Sony Records.

The album features appearances by Usher and Gucci Mane (“Party”), Ty Dolla $ign and Verse Simmonds (“Only 4 Me”), Future and Young Thug (“High End”), R. Kelly and Jhené Aiko (“Juicy Booty”), Yo Gotti, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and Kodak Black (“Pills & Automobiles”), and DeJ Loaf and Li’l Yachty (“Handle It”).

On nearly every track, Chris, 26, wails about the loss and pain of heartbreak and unrequited love.

The album is depressing but worthy of a listen on repeat if you have the time. Keep a box of Kleenex nearby. Particularly for “Enemy”, where Chris wails in anguish: “They say pain is growth, I hear you / I just wanna make it stop, all this hurt, f–k.”

The father-of-one touches on a one night stand that resulted in the birth of daughter Royalty:

She was just one night, she was just one night
Baby, you were my whole life, you were my whole life
Wish I could go back then and undo what I’ve done
That would be impossible, oh yeah

And he reminds a certain someone that she would be nothing without him:

“Take you from Michael Kors to cameras recording you / Now I made you famous, couldn’t stop it if I wanted to.”

It’s hard to imagine Chris’s 2 ex-girlfriends, Rihanna and Karrueche, inspiring him to make a double album of heartbreak songs.

The best revenge for real heartbreak is to pick up the pieces and get right back in the game. There are too many fish in the sea.

I give the entire album 3 roses.


Chris Brown’s Heartbreak on a Full Moon Tracklist

1. “Lost & Found”
2. “Privacy”
3. “Juicy Booty” Feat. Jhené Aiko and R. Kelly
4. “Questions”
5. “Heartbreak on a Full Moon”
6. “Roses”
7. “Confidence”
8. “Rock Your Body”
9. “Tempo”
10. “Handle It” Feat. DeJ Loaf and Lil Yachty
11. “Sip”
12. “Everybody Knows”
13. “To My Bed”
14. “Hope You Do”
15. “This Ain’t”
16. “Pull Up”
17. “Party” Feat. Usher and Gucci Mane
18. “Sensei” Feat. A1
19. “Summer Breeze”
20. “No Exit”
21. “Pills & Automobiles” Feat. Yo Gotti, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Kodak Black
22. “Hurt the Same”
23. “I Love Her”
24. “You Like”
25. “Nowhere”
26. “Other Ni**as”
27. “Tough Love”
28. “Paradise”
29. “Covered in You”
30. “Even”
31. “High End” Feat. Future and Young Thug
32. “On Me”
33. “Tell Me What to Do”
34. “Frustrated”
35. “Enemy”
36. “If You’re Down”
37. “Bite My Tongue”
38. “Run Away”
39. “This Way”
40. “Yellow Tape”
41. “Reddi Whip”
42. “Hangover”
43. “Emotion”
44. “Only 4 Me” Feat. Ty Dolla $ign and Verse Simmonds
45. “Grass Ain’t Greener”

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