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50 Cent Clowns Tyrese Amid Child Custody Battle

On Wednesday (Nov. 1) video surfaced of Tyrese crying over not having seen his 10-year-old daughter for two months. While wearing a black hoodie with the words “Shayla Rocks,” the singer/actor broke down as he begged (presumably the courts) to not take his child away. The video also appeared online the same day the 38-year-old took to Instagram to announce his feud with Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson had gotten so bad that if Johnson is in the ninth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, he won’t be.

Tyrese’s tearful plea to his daughter juxtaposed with his threat toward The Rock left many online raising a digital eyebrow. Power actor and executive producer 50 Cent, who has proven time and time again to possess the ancient scrolls of savagery, let it be known he wasn’t buying Tyrese’s crocodile tears.

The “Power” star wrote:

😆when them pockets is hit boy, God D*mn 😳LOL

F–k him, he should have mind his business when I was talking to Taraji. He come jumping in like he think we in a f–king movie. 

Punk a–Coca Cola kid.

Tyrese hasn’t responded to 50 Cent, but if he does, we got you!

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