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Thousands Of People Show Up To Say Final Farewell To Kenneka Jenkins

Wow, more than 1,000 people showed up to say their final farewells to Kenneka Jenkins at her wake and funeral in Chicago Saturday.

Tereasa Martin, mother of Kenneka Jenkins prays to the lord during her daughter’s funeral at the House of Hope Church Saturday. The teen was found inside a freezer at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont. | Leslie Adkins/For the Sun-Times

There has been a lot of speculation about her death as police believe she stumbled into the freezer drunk and that her death was an accident but many, including her mother, believe she may have been murdered. Despite the uncertainty of how Kenneka died, the fact remains that she is no longer here and that cold reality is hard to accept.

“Some of us are best friends because of Kenneka,” Pastor Andre Williams said at the funeral. “She was sent her to serve a purpose — which she did — and that was to touch the world.”

Jenkins’ mother Tereasa Martin wore a white dress for the service and was seen standing over her daughter’s open casket at times. In the obituary, Martin wrote the following message: There is a special angel in heaven that is part of me, it is not where I want her to be but where God wanted her to be. She was here for just a moment, it was like a nightmare to lose you. And though she is in heaven, she isn’t very far. She touched the hearts of many like only an angel can do: I would’ve held her every minute if the end I only knew.

Laying in an open gray casket, with a purple covering, friends, relatives, and total strangers slowly strode past Kenneka who was dreesed in her favorite color: purple. As stated before, mourners were asked to wear purple as a symbol of love for Kenneka who even had purple and white flowers by her casket with the words ” NEKA”.

People from all over the world have been following the story of Jenkins’ death, Several of the mourners traveled from from Detroit, MI. traveled to Chicago for Saturday’s funeral, One woman from Carbondale, drove five hours to support Martin, said she’s been following the story of Jenkins’ death and hoping for answers like many of us. Sadly, no arrests have been made.

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